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Do you want to become an SNS Certified salon?

Having the SNS Certified Salon badge on your shop front window is your biggest trust signal for clients. SNS fans want healthy natural nail beds, and this badge tells them exactly where to go. Join us for a one day product training workshop to become an SNS Certified Salon.

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Attract & Retain More Clients With SNS Certification

American Beauty Supply - Australia
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1/169-173 Hume Hwy, Lansvale NSW 2166
Session 1
SUN, 11 APR 2021
10AM - 12PM
Session 2
Mon, 12 APR 2021
10AM - 12PM
Attract & Retain More Clients

SNS Certified is our program for recognising salons delivering high quality SNS services. Now, let us tell you how you can attract & retain more clients with SNS Certification.

Expert PRODUCT demos
Optimise Your SNS Nail Technique

With over 20 years of experience and first hand training from SNS Founder Joe Nguyen, Lilli will guide you through the correct steps and techniques for an expert level SNS application.

Earn Your SNS Certification

Demonstrate correct SNS application technique in a series of quick tests and your salon could become SNS Certified on the same day.

Learn from

Lilli Vo

Head Nail Educator
Learn from

Lilli Vo

Head Nail Educator
Who this is for
Nail salons that are already using the original SNS branded products for over 2 years, wanting more SNS clients
Salon owners with over 2 years of experience with the SNS nail systems.
Salon owners that care about the health of their client's natural nail beds.
Salon owners that value and produce high quality nail sets for their clients.
Who this isn't for
Freelance nail technicians & home operators.
Salon owners that like to take short cuts.
Salon owners not interested in the health of their client's natural nail beds.
Salons not interested in using original SNS branded products.
Did you know?

80% of nail technicians and salons in Australia apply SNS incorrectly

Women worldwide seek SNS services because if applied correctly, it leaves their natural nail beds stronger and healthier with every application. Incorrect application is a disservice to your clients and your business.

Stand out from your competitors this year by becoming an SNS Certified Salon and you too could potentially double your sales, increase customer loyalty, attract new clients, and position yourself as a trusted SNS provider in your community.

SNS Certified Benefits

Stand out from your competitors

Become an SNS Certified Salon to unlock all of these business benefits for your nail salon.

Applications closed
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the CERTIFIED badge

The SNS Certified Salon badge on your shop front window is your biggest trust signal for clients. SNS fans want healthy natural nail beds, and this badge tells them exactly where to go and who to trust.

customer retention

Taking time off nails to let them “breathe and recover” is a thing of the past. SNS Certified salons all around the world are experiencing this benefit first hand and now it’s your turn.

Free Marketing & Leads

We want to show you off as much as possible. That means we’ll be marketing you for free and bringing you clients through our online salon finder and social media profiles.

Exclusive salon discount

Your commitment to SNS and the health of your client’s natural nail beds is rewarded with an exclusive discount on all SNS products. Reduce your costs and increase profits!

Priority Support

No one is perfect and changing salon conditions can lead to obstacles and issues. When that happens, we’re here to help you troubleshoot, resolve, and learn a better way.

Free Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can be hard but the results and power of social media can be massive. That’s why we love bringing influencers to our Certified Salons.


Helping salon owners grow with sns

Applications closed
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Rated 5/5

“I would take women with damaged nails, give them an SNS service and have them back every two weeks, religiously. The transformation was amazing.”

Yvonne Venage-mohl
Salon Owner @ Nails On The Boulevard
Rated 5/5

"SNS dipping powders require skill. We’ve made this a strict rule to protect the consumer experience. When the products are applied correctly, consumers are happy and come back for more."

Joanna Golec
BDM @ V&K Cosmetic
Rated 5/5

"SNS has been very responsive in training our people in the SNS process. Quality training is critical for us to stay competitive. I’ve found that the people at SNS totally stand behind their product in the way they support us."

Jim Lewis
CEO @ Marilyn Monroe Spas
Rated 5/5

“Last year I predicted a 50% increase in revenues. But actually we ended up with 70%.”

Yvonne Venage-mohl
Salon Owner @ Nails On The Boulevard

How it works

Apply Online

Complete the application form with your salon and personal details so we can reach you.

Application Approval

We'll contact you to let you know if you have or haven't been selected for the workshop.

Attend Workshop

Come alone, or come with your team. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Become SNS Certified

Just like that you could earn your SNS Certification on the same day! Walk away with perks.


Remove the guesswork and learn the fundamental and advanced nail techniques unique to the SNS nail systems that will maximise your products, tools, and business profits.

Applications closed
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Voted "best dip system" 3 years in a row by nail professionals worldwide

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help. If your question isn't answered below then please contact us at for support.

Am I limited to only using SNS products?

No! It's business as usual for you but now you'll enjoy all of the business perks of being an SNS Certified Salon. Your certification recognises your standards for high quality and the health of your clients.

You are not limited to only using SNS products.

What will it cost me?

Nothing. This workshop is free and becoming a SNS Certified Salon is free for the first 100 sign ups, as we begin to certify the top and most trustworthy nail salons in Australia providing SNS services.

What do I need to bring with me?

It is recommended to come with bare nails so that you can make the most of your product workshop time. Here you'll have the opportunity to test and troubleshoot techniques and problems with the guidance of our expert team.

How does the evaluations work?

You will be assessed on your technique and if you are competent then you will receive your SNS Certification.

This isn't a high school exam. We know you know your craft, so we'll work with you to iron out any gaps in your SNS technique. We're here to help and will make sure our SNS Certified partners will receive all the support they need to thrive.

Can I buy products on the day?

Yes and you'll have a once off opportunity to save big on your SNS product and colour range. We accept cash and card on the day so be prepared to take advantage of this great deal.

What's the incentive for me to come on this day?

Due to COVID restrictions there is very limited spots available for each of these SNS Certification Workshops. With the many immediate perks for a nail business, the first wave of certified salons will have the most to gain.

The exclusive discount at the end of the day features a discount that we only ever give out at these kind of events. So don't miss out!

SNS Certified Salon Badge Trust Signal

Attract & retain more clients with sns certificatioN

Give your clients the healthy natural nails they deserve by becoming an SNS Certified Salon today.

  • The Certified Badge
  • Free Marketing & Clients
  • Free Influencer Marketing
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Exclusive Salon Discount
  • Priority Support
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