The Only Nail System That's Good For You

SNS is the nail care brand that cares while you wear.
Our products are designed to be good for you; gradually improving the condition of your nails with every application.

Discover the difference with the #SNSEXPERIENCE.

What we're about

A Different Approach To Nails

Healthy Nails

With over 30 years of innovation, our products are the healthier alternative and produce stunning, long-lasting results unlike any other manicure.


Love yourself! We’re all about feeling good.  Getting your nails done is a small yet powerful self-care practice for your body and your soul.


What’s important to you is important to us. Our products are proudly vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and beneficial to your nail health so you can own your choices.

SNS values

We're committed to you

You're becoming more and more interested in the products you choose to use and support. You want to know how they're made and what ingredients go into them.

Our mission is to give you extraordinary experiences of nail health and beauty through the products we create. For SNS, this begins with developing formulas that are healthier, safer and easier to use.


the formula for healthy nails

SNS products are a combination of beauty and health.

What you get out of our products is as good as the ingredients that go in them. It's impossible to be 100% natural and chemical free in the realm of nail enhancements but we do promise to be completely safe!

We leave the nasties out of the equation and add in vitamins and minerals that boost your nail's health, helping them grow longer and stronger.

the leaders in dipping powder

World's first and finest dipping powders

We introduced dipping powders to the world 30 years ago, revolutionising the nail industry and the methods traditionally used to create strong and beautiful nails.

Women everywhere ask for SNS by name because our powders are undoubtedly superior in quality and finish.
Dipping powders not only produce nails that look good, they also improve the condition of your nails, leaving them visibly healthier and stronger than before.

And that's the same for all the products we have today!

For professionals

Nail business builder

SNS cares for its salon owners the same way it cares for its customers, looking to help each of them enjoy a flourishing business.

SNS offers technical training and product support to help you deliver extraordinary experiences of health and beauty to your clients.


Add sns to your nail business

Looking for massive business growth? By choosing to focus entirely on SNS products in your salon, you’ll become the dominant leader in quality nail services for your community.